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Wholesale Craft Wire, Electrical Cables & Steel Braids

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Uses of Craft Wire

Craft wire is important for many applications, forming some of the most glamorous and delicate jewelry, while many artists use it for bare-wire sculptures or sculpture framework. There are many metals available depending on the project, and when you order wholesale craft wire you can purchase a variety of alloys, tempers, gauges and cuts to take full control over your crafts.

Jewelry and Sculptures

One of the main uses for craft wire is jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even piercings. Wire materials such as copper and brass bring color to these accessories while remaining durable and easy to work with. Aside from jewelry, many artists use copper wire and others to create both simple and more elaborately designed sculptures.

The thinner the wire the more flexible it is, and the larger the gauge the stronger it is. Purchasing bulk craft wire allows you to choose many different gauges and metals for any jewelry or sculpting application.

Armature Wire for Sculpture

One of the best wires for sculpting is armature wire, which many use for stop-motion animation. Aluminum armature wire, unlike others, is more flexible while holding a position, making it popular for use as the internal structure of clay animation figures. Unlike other metals, armature wire doesn’t corrode and is both lightweight and strong. You can order it in different thicknesses to fully optimize your projects as well.

Purchasing armature craft wire in bulk also gives you plenty of wire to work with, which is particularly useful for stop motion animation that requires a lot of figures and subsequent wire cutting.

Wholesale craft wire saves you money while giving you the results you want from your projects. Craft wire is easy to use, with varying levels of strength and maneuverability.