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Stainless Steel Braided Wire | Flexible Thin Braid | Tubular Steel Wire

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Steel Braid

Braided stainless steel wireNeeding an extra measure of protection for your specialty wire and cable? Steel braid is one of the toughest, flexible and most resilient materials you can use to protect your wire, cable, hoses and more. Whither you need a durable flat grounding strap for your machines or a braided wire cable jacket to protect your buried fiber optic cables, Arcor Electronics can keep you stocked up on the right steel braid sizes you need.

ARCOR ITEM NUMBER Nominal Id When Rounded A.W.G. of Ends Number Strands (Carriers) Wires per Strand Total Numbers (Wires)
URB 1/32 1/32 36 16 3 48
URB 1/16 1/16 36 24 2 48
URB 5/64 5/64 36 3 3 72
URB 7/64 7/64 36 24 4 96
URB 1/8 1/8 36 24 5 120
URB 5/32 5/32 34 32 6 192
URB 11/64 11/64 36 24 7 168
URB 3/16 3/16 36 24 8 192
URB 7/32 7/32 36 24 10 240
URB 1/4 1/4 36 24 13 312
URB 1/4 1/4 34 32 8 256
URB 5/16 5/16 32 32 8 256
URB 3/8 3/8 36 48 7 336
URB 7/16 7/16 36 48 8 384
URB 1/2 1/2 36 48 9 432
URB 5/8 5/8 36 48 11 528
URB 3/4 3/4 36 48 15 720
URB 7/8 7/8 36 48 18 864
URB 1.0 1 30 48 7 336

Stainless Steel Braided Wire Options

Put Ups: We offer standard put ups in 100 feet, 250 feet, 500 feet and 1,000 feet.

Braided Wire Shapes: We can provide braided wire cable it in both rolled flat and tubular form.

Special Sizes and Put Ups: We are able to supply many different kinds of braided wire and put ups on request. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your project!

Various Uses of Stainless Steel Braided Wire

Stainless steel cable is renowned for its strength, flexibility and superior resilience. This makes steel braid a perfect choice for shielding the cables we use on a daily basis in communications and other industries, especially outdoor applications.

The biggest benefit of using stainless steel cable for shielding and wire jacket purposes is stainless steels resistance to abrasion, UV rays and chemical corrosion. It allows the braid to keep a uniform look that will never rust or discolor, allowing it to keep a clean appearance while offering protection for years to come. For this reason, many outdoor wiring applications benefit from the resilient protection of steel braid.

Steel braid is also a popular choice for hose sleeving. Just as many specialty wire and cable applications need the versatility of flexible movement, hosing needs to be able to bend and move freely for installation or due to its environment. Due to its resistance to rust and corrosion, stainless steel braids are an ideal choice for hose sleeving in damp areas or in application where water drips are a hazard. As steel braid can easily be put over existing hoses, it allows for a cheap alternative to buying hosing with a braided wire jacket already in place.

Contact Arcor for Braided Wire

Need a specific type of braided wire for your applications? Arcor Electronics specializes in crafting the wire with the right specs for your business!

To inquire about pricing, specific sizes and design specifications of your steel braid needs, you can contact Arcor or get in touch with us by phone at (847) 588-0088.