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Magnet Wire Uses | Winding Wire | Magnet Wires for MRIs | Copper Wire

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The Uses of Magnet Wire

Though it’s often made from copper wire, magnet wire is used in a way that ordinary copper isn’t. When it’s made into magnet wire, a length of copper wire is given a thin layer of insulation on the outside and tightly wound around a form so that it retains its shape—because it is so often wound up into a specific shape, this type of wire is also known as “winding wire.” When it’s wound up like this, it has unique electromagnetic properties that make it useful in everything from automobiles and industrial magnets to MRI machines in hospitals.

Use as a Magnet

Magnet wire is appropriately named, because many of its unique applications take advantage of its power to create extremely powerful magnetic fields. For example, some cranes are equipped with massive electromagnets that are capable of lifting heavy objects, like vehicles. An electromagnet is a magnet that is powered by electricity, allowing you to turn it off and on. If you simply had a large, incredibly powerful magnet, you wouldn’t be able to turn it off and it would represent a serious risk. With an electromagnet, though, you can activate the magnetization whenever you need it—in this case, when the crane needs to lift something large and heavy.

Other Applications

Not all magnet wire is used to move heavy objects. For example, magnets made from this or otherwise made from copper wire may be used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. MRI machines use large, strong magnets to scan the inside of the human body, allowing doctors to see your soft tissues and organs.

Magnet wire may also be used for different forms of energy transformation. For example, it may be used inside a generator, where it converts mechanical energy into electricity. Conversely, it can also be found inside electrical appliances, where it converts the electricity received through a power cord into a mechanical application. It is as useful in small applications like speakers as it is in larger ones, like appliances and motors. Whether its core is copper wire or another type, like aluminum, this insulated wire has a variety of uses across industries.

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