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Nickel Silver Wire for Electrical Applications & Jewelry Making

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Silver Wire Uses?

Given the prevalent use and cheapness of copper in electrical wiring, you may be wondering what use silver wire finds that warrants the use of such a precious metal. In actuality, many electronics you own have traces of silver, whither in silver plating wires or being used for contact points. And in the U.S. alone, 5% of the silver we use is put into electric components! So to help you better understand silver wire and its many uses, here’s a quick overview of this special custom wire.

Silver’s Properties

To best understand the uses of silver wire such as the nickel silver wire and silver plated wires we sell at Arcor Electronics, you need to first understand what makes silver so special. When it comes to electrical conductivity, silver wire is actually what sets the standard that all other alloys and wires are measured against! Of all the elements, silver is by far the best conductor of electricity known to man. That makes it the go to for any and all situations where you need the very best conductive materials.

Silver wires are also renowned for their ability to conduct heat, and make it very valuable for use in specific high temperature conditions where using a different material might become unsafe due to melting or improper heat dispersal. Because of its resistance to corrosion, silver is also a very good long term resource and much more durable than other materials. However it’s important to remember that silver is a stiff metal, which makes it difficult to bend.

Silver’s Many Electrical Uses

Because of its high conductivity and resistance to heat, silver is often used for contact points in electrical and motor control switches. In fact, a fully equipped car can have as many as 40 contact points in the motor in order to start! Silver is also used for contact points in switches of all kinds, even the one for your living room!

As an excellent conductor, it’s not unheard of to be used as a sort of custom wire in automotive uses. Many of the best speaker systems use silver wires for their magnet wire in order to get the best sound available from their speakers.

Jewelry makers also use custom wires!

Aside from the electronics side, silver wires are often found in jewelry making. With the precious metal long being used in jewelry, many wire jewelry artisans use pure silver wire in the creation of everything from necklaces to earrings. Even plated wire, such as silver plated wires are popular for jewelry artists for its bright shine and look. The bright look of silver is also where nickel silver wire comes from, which despite the name, doesn’t contain any silver at all!

Because of its unsurpassed conductivity in both electrical and thermal instances, as well as sturdiness and corrosion resistance, silver wire offers the best conductivity for custom wire needs. And because of its precious status and shine, it is also a great material for use in wire wrapped jewelry.

Arcor Electronics is well known for their insulated and uninsulated wires, interlocked metal hoses, and flat and tubular braids. Contact us today!