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Aluminum Craft Wire

Used in many applications such as housing, aircrafts and power grids, aluminum wire is also useful as wire for crafts. Along with high conductivity, aluminum craft wire is flexible and lightweight, which makes it ideal for projects requiring wire that’s easy to use. In arts and crafts, this wire also functions as armature wire, and forms a sturdy skeleton for many sculptures and material for jewelry.

Useful for Many Projects

Aluminum craft wire is a light and affordable option, making ideal for a variety of projects. It performs well as a skeleton for sculptures, and depending on thickness can apply to larger or smaller creations. It is flexible in smaller sizes as armature wire, as it allows for bendable skeletons for use in stop-motion animation, including claymation projects.

Because aluminum is more tarnish-resistant than silver or copper, jewelers use it in bracelets and other jewelry because. The material is also bendable when thinner while retaining its shape. Different alloys affect flexibility and strength, and provide jewelers and sculptors with the ability to fully optimize their projects.

Choose from Many Alloys and Shapes

When choosing aluminum wire for crafts, you have access to various alloys to meet individual project specifications. Thicker aluminum may decrease flexibility, but it will ultimately provide a stronger metal for larger sculptures, such as stainless steel craft wire for an uncovered wire sculpture. In total, there is a selection of over 30 alloys and tempers to choose for projects.

Wire comes in square, hexagonal or specialty shaped rods to give customers even more choice over their materials. It is available in coils, reels and spools for convenience.

Find the Aluminum Craft Wire for Your Project

Along with other metals, aluminum wire for crafts is available at Arcor Electronics in a large selection of gauges, alloys, tempers and packaging to provide customers with a product that’s ideal for individual craft projects. We can ship orders in bulk to give you quality wire while remaining inexpensive, so you have the supplies you need.