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Custom Cable Assembly and Custom Cables

Custom Cable Solutions for Special Applications

Arcor Electronics has provided custom designed electronic and electrical cables to industry for over 30 years. Arcor has accrued the experience to help you design custom cables to meet specific applications. Arcor will design and manufacture your custom cables in a cost-effective and timely manner. Quantity may not be an issue.

Some examples of what may be considered custom cable assembly:

Some Applications

Custom Braided Bronze Armor

Arcor has the ability to produce a braid shield over finished cable. Applications requiring the enhancing of mechanical protection of portable cord, welding cable, electronic cable, etc. without loosing too much flexibility.

The technique can be applied over any cable. Quantity is usually not a problem.

Many Navy and Coast Guard approved cables are armored in this manner.

Questions? Application problems? Let Arcor review your cable needs.